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30 Of The Coolest Business Cards Ever Made


A cosmetic surgeon’s boobie pop-up card. 

Yoga trainer business cards.

The incredibly useful cheese grater business card.

A perforated divorce attorney business card. It’s actually 2 cards in one.

A tiny yoga mat business card.

Fitness trainers “tear off the belly so it fits in your wallet” card.

Designer’s plant in your pocket card. Drop in some seeds and follow the instructions on the back.

A circumciser’s cheeky business card.

A photographer’s viewfinder business card.

A dentist’s “fix the cavity” card. 

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leaving the playpen for the first time


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Beyonce puts her 1 year old daughter who can not speak yet on her album but not her sister with a struggling music career

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this is still happening in 2014 

I can hear him in the last picture.. so tragic

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Natalia Vodianova posts a photo of herself breastfeeding to Instagram

ph. Paolo Roversi [x]

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